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Tea became part of my life at a young age. When I couldn’t sleep and needed to talk, my mom made us a cup of tea and we would stay up drinking tea and eating pancakes. As I got older, my dad and I would meet at cafe’s for tea, but he and I quickly realized, was that we wanted SUPERIOR quality, with better flavor and wasn’t just powder in a teabag. After much research, Grey & Bash Teas was founded and named after my sons, Greyson and Sebastian, whom I now love sharing my passion for tea with. Grey & Bash now includes, my husband Jared, my sister Bailee, my father Michael and my bonus sister Mandy. We are a family owned and operated business, which means we treat YOU like family!


It’s not a mistake that Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. The endless variety of spices and herbs for health benefits is what interests me most. I can’t forget the different amazing tastes these ingredients create! I believe my love for tea began when I was just a child. Sitting by the fire enjoying chai, drinking chamomile before bed, southern sweet tea in those hot Summer months. Every type of tea had a special place in my heart. Now I get to share those same memories and that same love for Tea with my family, and the best part is we are a part of the whole process now!


I am a wife and mother to three fabulously chaotic children, and just happen to be Barri Cote’s sister and Besties with Mandy Harkleroad. My love of tea started early, enjoying little adventures with my mom and dad to a local tea shop as a child, drinking my weight in apricot tea. As an adult, my appreciation for tea has only continued to bloom!


I have been a lover of tea since my early teens. When I gave up soda in my early 20's, iced tea became my go to. There’s something comforting to me about a cup of hot tea in the evening before bedtime. It helps me sleep and be ready to mom my 4 active boys the next day!