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Our Loose Leaf Teas You Can’t Miss

Almond Biscotti is filled with almond pieces and safflowers.

Smooth and bold. This is a delightful peach black tea from India, with the intensity of ginger, dotted with Peach pieces and flavor.

If you’re looking for a strong and flavorful but RELAXING tea, Organic Earl Grey Lavender is perfect for you.

A coffee lovers dream!

Pink peppercorn pu'erh tea with cacao, pistachio, pecan and walnuts.

Our organic loose leaf pu-erh is blended and flavored with cranberries, elderberries and cacao.

This tea’s name is very fitting as it is a regal blend of loose-leaf, organic pu-erh, organic ginger root and citrus.

Our Peach oolong is one of our fan favorites. This tea is made with Chinese oolong, peach pieces, lemon myrtle and flavor. You won’t be disappointed whether iced or hot!

This is a China oolong with peppermint, white chocolate bits and flavor.

This tea will be a pleasure to drink from the second you smell the aroma to the last sip you take! TiKwanYin Oolong with jasmine and green tea.

Delightfully aromatic! Sencha green tea with rose petals and pomegranate flavor. Excellent for warming up or cooling off.

Savor this rolled green tea from China, blended with rosemary and sage, and decorated with rose petals and flavor.

Pan-fired China green tea, marigolds, lemon peel, mango bits, safflowers and mango and citrus flavor.

Flavored “white peony” Pai Mu Tan white tea. This tea comes to life with Organic lemongrass, cinnamon, organic cloves, organic cardamom, organic ginger, organic coconut pieces, and organic red peppercorns.

Our own blend of Assam India and high-grown Himalayan teas that have been blended with traditional organic chai spices and rose petals.

For our Chai fans who don't want the caffeine! India Black tea with classic chai spices and flavors.

This complex tea blends organic Pai Mu Tan with pineapple, apples, cranberries, mango pieces, natural acai berry and blueberry flavors, rosehips, rose petals and hibiscus flowers.

Our Blueberry Fusion is filled with blueberries, hibiscus, elderberries, white tea, green tea, rooibos, rosebuds, lemongrass, apple and citrus to give it an aromatic flavor.

A delicate, light and bright cup with all the flavor to boost! Makes an excellent iced tea. Flavored organic Pai-Mu-Tan white tea with strawberries, pineapple, myrtle and kiwi.

Caramel Brûlée

Caramel Brûlée is so yummy you won’t even realize that you’re drinking a tea and not eating a dessert. This tea is a caramel flavored rooibos tea with organic cinnamon and organic anise.

Papaya, peach and mango bits, orange citrus peel, tropical flower petals and flavor blended with a green rooibos base, which is certified organic, gives you a lighter taste and is less processed than the red rooibos teas.

Our fresh tasting, caffeine-Free organic honeybush (a sibling to rooibos tea, only sweeter), is combined with lemon myrtle, verbena, lime flower, citrus peel and flower petals.

This bold and fruity blend has orange, lemon, sea buckthorn, pineapple, apple, lavender, sage & flavor.

Chamomile, passion flower and linden flower are all calming flowers that offer that calming effect. The slices of dried citrus give this tea its delicious taste.

This 100% Organic tea tastes like a berry chai! Hibiscus, clove, cranberries, fiji apples, cinnamon and elderberries

Filled with vitamin C and echinacea and 100% Organic. Rosehip and hibiscus give this apple/orange tea a nice kick to knock that sore throat or cold right out of you.

Our kidney crime Fighter is not only great for your kidney’s and bladder but it’s great as an anti-inflammatory as well.

Our Healthy Lifestyle tea is blended with organic rooibos, organic mint, organic dandelion, organic ginger, burdock, organic tulsi and rose.

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The Rooibos (pronounced roy-boss) plant yields a honey-flavored brew that’s naturally caffeine-free. With its natural flavor and lack of astringency, Rooibos rarely needs to be sweetened.

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