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The History of White Tea

white tea
white tea

You’ll find white tea in the northern district of Fujian, China. White tea is only harvested a few weeks each spring and is comprised of young unfurled tea leaves and buds from the camellia sinensis plant and are still covered by fine white hairs, hence the name “white” tea.

How Is White Tea Made

You’ll typically find the leaves picked between mid-March to early April and then quickly and meticulously dried in order to prevent oxidization. If it is raining or humid, the leaves are left alone until the weather changes.

Some of the most common methods for drying and withering the leaves are heated vents, natural sunlight almost immediately after picking or wind drying chambers. Different regions in Fujian have different tea withering processes and tend to be influenced by the environment. White tea is minimally processed, which allows less oxidation to occur.

white tea and tea leaves
silver needle white tea

Types of White Tea

The Varieties of White Tea

There are 5 different varietals that white tea can be classified as: Bai Mu Dan (White Peony), Fujian New Craft (DaBaiCha or DaHoaCha), Yi Zhen Bai Hao (Silver Needle), Gongmei (Tribute Eyebrow) and Shou Mei (Noble, Long Life Eyebrow).

While every varietal will have something unique to offer, Silver Needle and White Peony are superior in quality.

White Peony - White Peony is a premium quality tea comprised of two unfurled or barely opened young tea leaves and a silvery bud. White Peony is cultivated from an original Chinese white tea bush or from another variety.

Fuijan New Craft & Silver Needle

Fujian New Craft- This is one of the newest members of the white tea family and was developed in 1968 to keep up with the increased need for white tea products. The tea leaves required for Fujian New Craft don’t need to be tender like white peony and they come from Fuding County in Fujian province. This tea is processed by, withering, slightly rolling and drying the leaves, which gives it the appearance of a black tea. While the flavor is full-bodied, the fragrance is particularly mild.

Silver Needle – Similar to White Peony, Silver Needle is a premium quality tea and is of the highest grade of Chinese white teas. This tea is made from large, full buds that are covered in white hairs with silvery tips. You’ll notice that the shape is uniform with no twigs or leaves.

White Tea in Bed
White tea in teacup

Tribute Eyebrow and Noble, Long Life Eyebrow

Tribute Eyebrow – While Tribute Eyebrow is another good quality tea, it is more processed than White Peony and Silver Needle and is not rated as high of a grade as the others (3rd grade tea). This tea consists of young leaves and no buds. A dark, full bodied taste is typically found with Tribute Eyebrow.

Noble, Long Life Eyebrow – Along with Tribute Eyebrow, this tea is of a lower grade and is more oxidized than the others. The uppers leaves and tips are collected between April and June. The flavor is similar to an oolong with a darker color and bolder flavor.

Caffeine Content of White Tea

White tea has always been thought to have lower caffeine than green and black tea because the original Fujian white tea plant from China is lower in caffeine compared to other tea plants. However, many factors determine the caffeine content in each beverage, and some studies have shown that certain white teas may contain as much if not more caffeine as green or black teas depending upon where and how they were cultivated and processed.

Our Best Sellers

Here at Grey and Bash Teas, you can find a large selection of delicious organic and non-organic White Tea Options. White tea is a true tea and the least processed, making it a delicate tea that packs a punch when it comes to health benefits.

iced tea with lemon and mint

Fountain of Youthful Berries

Fountain of Youthful Berries is as beautiful to look at as it is delicious to sip! This complex tea blends organic Pai Mu Tan with pineapple, apples, cranberries, mango pieces, natural acai berry and blueberry flavors, rosehips, rose petals and hibiscus flowers.

Sweet Strawberry Kiwi

A delicate, light and bright cup with all the flavor to boost!

Flavored organic Pai-Mu-Tan white tea with strawberries, pineapple, myrtle and kiwi.

Georgia Peach

A complex blend of white teas, including the prized silver needle with chamomile, vervain, rosehip, flowers, fruit pieces, and additional flavors. Enjoy this delicate tea year round!

Low Caffeine


Blueberry Fusion

Our Blueberry Fusion is filled with blueberries, hibiscus, elderberries, white tea, green tea, rooibos, rosebuds, lemongrass, apple and citrus to give it an aromatic flavor. It's a party for your taste buds!

White Chai

We are overjoyed with our flavored “white peony” Pai Mu Tan chai white tea. This tea comes to life with Organic lemongrass, cinnamon, organic cloves, organic cardamom, organic ginger, organic coconut pieces, and organic red peppercorns. This is a low-caffeine light, fruity chai that will bring peace to your day. Similar to spiced cider except it’s TEA!! This is great in the afternoon both hot and iced.

White Mulberry Pear

A white tea blended with formosa oolong, mulberries, pears and fruit flavor. This tea has a beautiful flavor profile and is perfect in the beginning of fall! Mulberry Pear White Tea promotes heart health, skin health and brain health.