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The History of Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea
white tea

The 300 year old Rooibos tea (pronounced roy-boss) is native from the Western Cape province of South Africa. It yields a naturally caffeine-free tea commonly known as “bush tea” in Britain. Since this tea is honey flavored and lacks astringency, it rarely needs to be sweetened and is absolutely delicious as iced tea but tastes just as pleasant as a warm cup of tea.

How Is Rooibos Tea Made

Rooibos tea was traditionally grown in the mountainous region that is now known as Cederberg. The tea leaves were collected, rolled into woven bags, and transported via donkey’s down the mountainside. Once the leaves have made it down the mountain, the leaves were then cut by axe and bruised in order to prepare them for sun-drying.

Rooibos is harvested and processed similarly to the Camillia sinensis tea plant. It is cut by hand and the leaves and stems are forced into bundles. Oxidation begins when the leaves are bruised or cut.

Rooibos Tea and tea leaves
Rooibos Tea in steeper

Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

The health benefits are plentiful with rooibos tea ranging from the ability to repair stress on the liver to preventing both the onset and progression of diabetes. The antioxidant known as “polyphenols” that is found in many herbal teas may slow down aging as well.

Rooibos Tea Types

Red Rooibos

Oxidation is important in order to bring out their rich color and flavor as well as the plant’s essential oils. Red Rooibos occurs when the leaves are more oxidized causing the red color along with the richer and sweeter flavor.

Green Rooibos

When you see the green rooibos tea, it means it was less oxidized and was steamed and dried immediately, so it remains faintly green in color and tends to have a more grassy, mineral-like flavor.

Rooibos tea and oranges
Rooibos tea leaves

Caffeine Content of Rooibos Tea

Rooibos teas are caffeine-free except for our Mate Tiramisu and that is because it also contains black tea and yerba mate. However, in general, they are considered caffeine-free.

Our Best Sellers

Here at Grey and Bash Teas, you can find a large selection of delicious organic and non-organic Rooibos Tea Options. Rooibos Tea tastes just as great hot as it does iced!

Iced teas with mint and peaches

Caramel Brulee

Caramel Brûlée is so yummy you won’t even realize you're not eating dessert. This tea is a caramel flavored rooibos tea with organic cinnamon and organic anise.


African Sunset Honeybush

Our fresh tasting, caffeine-free organic honeybush (a sibling to rooibos tea, only sweeter), is combined with lemon myrtle, verbena, lime flower, citrus peel and flower petals. This tea is high in antioxidants and low in tannins. This specific tea is cultivated in in the Eastern Cape Region of South Africa.

The name suits this tea well, as it is one of my favorites to drink as the sun is setting and won’t keep you up. If you’re looking for something to settle the stomach, fight indigestion and flatulence, or reduce a fever, then one of the main ingredients in this tea, verbena, does just that! Verbena also acts like a stimulant for the skin.

One of the other ingredients, lemon myrtle, is a plant that is grown in the rainforest in Australia. Lemon myrtle contains a natural essential oil called citral, which exhibits sedative, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. Citral is known to protect against the common cold, bronchitis, influenza and indigestion. While lemon myrtle is not related to the lemon tree, it does have a refreshing and intense lemony flavor and smell!

Our last ingredient, lime flower blossom, is an internal stress-reducing herb known to reduce muscle tension.

Honey Nut Crunch

Enjoy the rich warmth of raisins and hazelnuts, paired with apple in this delicate Rooibos and Honeybush blend.


Ingredients: Green honeybush, green rooibos, apple, raisins, natural and artificial flavor, hazelnut. CONTAINS: TREE NUT (HAZELNUT).

Tropical Orchard

Enjoy a bit of paradise in this Caribbean inspired tea! The bright colors will capture your eye with Organic green rooibos, papaya, peach, and mango bits, orange citrus peel, tropical flower petals, and flavor.

Peppermint Stick

If you need to soothe that tummy, or you just love the taste of peppermint, this rooibos tea is one you won’t want to miss! Organic green rooibos with organic cacao and organic peppermint leaves, and chocolate flavoring for a caffeine-free treat!