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The History of Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea in a Cup

Oolong tea only represents roughly 2% of the world’s teas, but the plethora of health benefits from the combined black and green teas makes it well worth discovering. For example, it may boost your metabolism, improve heart health, relieve eczema, prevent diabetes, protect against certain cancers and reduce stress.

Burn 100 Calories

Oolong teas are said to help you burn about 100 extra calories within the first hour after consuming the beverage. Oolong tea originated from China. This tea falls into its own category, however, it may end up with more black or green tea characteristics depending upon how the tea master processes it. Oolong tea is often described as being partially oxidized but can vary from 8% to 80% oxidized.

Oolong tea leaves
weight loss

When you look at an Oolong tea, you’ll notice that it is either rolled, twisted or curled into tights balls or thin strands. The tea’s final flavor can be subtly altered during the rolling process by the tea master.

Oolong Tea Types

While oolong teas are primarily grown and harvested in concentrated areas of China and Taiwan, the regions vary greatly in terms of climate and growth conditions. Our oolong teas vary from floral to robust. While black teas and green teas have received the most attention among tea categories, oolongs are often disregarded despite having some of the most diverse and electrifying flavor profiles.

Chinese Oolong Teas:


Iron Goddess of Mercy or Ti Kuan Yin is arguably the most famous Chinese tea. It is grown in the high mountainous region of the southern Fujian province. The Anxi region is where you’ll find that these tea leaves are specifically harvested. The legend is that monks trained monkeys to harvest the leaves of tea plants similarly to Golden Monkey TeaWhen you heard the term “monkey-picked” that meant that you were receiving the highest quality oolong teas. Previously, the emperors of China were the only ones this tea was brewed for.

Phoenix oolong tea (Dan Chong or Dan Cong) is one of the best sellers and is found in the Guangdong province of China. The leaves in which this tea is harvested come from one single bush, which is where this tea gets its name. Each bush produces a different flavor which, in essence, means that each batch will yield a different taste. The dried leaves slowly unfurl when steeping and will feature a curly appearance. However, today, Phoenix tea is also used to refer to any oolong tea which has been produced in Guangdong province. This means, not all of them are produced from a single bush. Phoenix teas are famous for their aromas of flowers and fruits as well as their natural flavors.

Taiwanese Oolong Teas


High Mountain oolong teas (Gaoshan) consist of a variety of oolongs that have been grown in Taiwan at the highest elevations. These oolongs are typically seasonal teas due to when they are produced and are harvested by hand twice per year. The leaves which are harvested in October are known as winter Gaoshan and the leaves that have been plucked in June are known as spring Gaoshan. Alishan, Wu She, and Yu Shan are the teas included in High Mountain oolongs. These are known for being grown at altitudes higher than 3,300 feet and grow more slowly than other oolongs.

Oxidation Method

Oolong is a Semi-Oxidized Tea

Tea oxidation is also referred to as tea fermentation but this term is actually very misleading. Fermentation is strictly an anaerobic process, but in reality, tea oxidation involves exposing tea leaves to the air. Tea oxidation is one of the steps in the production of oolong tea.

Oolong tea from Taiwan is grown from the Camellia Sinensis plant. In earlier blog posts, we learned that all tea - black tea, green tea, and Oolong tea come from the same plant, and it is largely the degree of oxidation that differentiates them.

Green tea is un-oxidized, and black tea is fully oxidized. Oolong tea sits right in-between the two - usually between 20% and 60% oxidation.

tea leaves drying
ladies picking tea leaves
Lady holding tea leaf

Caffeine Content of Oolong Tea

Oolong teas caffeine content falls somewhere between a green and black tea. A lightly oxidized oolong tea ( similar to a green tea) may have a lower caffeine content while a highly oxidized oolong tea may have a higher caffeine content (similar to our black teas). This all will vary depending upon the cultivation process.

Our Best Sellers

Here at Grey and Bash Teas, you can find a large selection of delicious organic and non-organic Oolong Tea Options. Oolong Tea is Known To Help Someone Burn an Extra 100 Calories Within an Hour of Consuming a Cup!.

Oolong Iced Tea

Peach Oolong Tea

Our Peach oolong is one of our fan favorites. This tea is made with Chinese oolong, peach pieces, lemon myrtle and flavor. You won't be disappointed whether iced or hot!

White Chocolate Mint

This is a China oolong with peppermint and white chocolate bits. It’s a perfect combination of minty and sweet and hits the spot every time. Get ready for that Holiday feeling all year round!

Island Coconut

A famous doctor has found that in the first hour after consuming an 8oz cup of oolong tea, your body may burn 100 extra calories! What a fruity, fun way to lose roughly ten pounds in a year with just one cup per day.

Our Formosa Oolong is blended with coconut pieces and flavor for an island experience.

Detox Oolong

Our Detox Oolong is our Ti Kwan Yin oolong, blended with our detoxing herbs, giving a deliciously refreshing and healthy tea. This tea is equally delicious hot or iced. The licorice and mint will cool you and the dandelion leaves promote cleansing.

Blackberry Oolong

One light bright cup! Ti Kwan Yin oolong is flavored and blended with blackberries and blackberry leaf for a fresh and cleansing tea from China. Oolong has long been known to raise the metabolism and is used by many as a detoxing tea.

Precious Plum

We have used a blend of oolongs from Taiwan and China in this infusion filled with depth and flavor. We have added peach pieces, Rosehip, neem, lemon myrtle, and flavored with luscious plum.