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7 Highly Caffeinated Teas

7 Highly Caffeinated TEAS

"I Don't Have a caffeine problem, I have a problem without caffeine"
What is your most caffeinated tea that you carry? A question we've heard countless times since we first began attending Farmers Markets and events, so we thought, why not write a short blog post with 7 teas that have a high caffeine content? While we have many teas that qualify and could be excellent choices, these 7 are fan favorites from not only us, but our current customers!


Black walnut pu'er TEA

Our Black Walnut Pu'er sits at the top of our list as one of our favorite “wake-me-up” tea options within the pu'er tea category, especially among our coffee lovers. This tea contains pink peppercorn pu'er tea with cacao, pistachio, pecan and walnuts. Not only does this tea have a nice kick to it, it also has many health benefits, some of which include, improved focus, improved alertness, Increased energy, promotes a healthy heart, aids in weight-loss, reduces stress and even helps to prevent illness!



Our Berry Truffle Pu'er has been a close second in our pu'er tea category for great options in the morning. This organic pu'er tea is loaded with cranberries, elderberries, and cacao. Try it with a dash of milk and you'll thank me later. While this tea also helps with many of the benefits listed above, like the increased focus, increased alertness and increased energy, it is also a delicious way to lower cholesterol and help with improved digestive health



Our morning pick in the Black Tea Category is our Ginger Peach Black Tea. Not only will this tea wake you up from the caffeine content, but a hot cuppa ginger tea in the morning will warm you right up on your way into the office, OR cool you down after a summer morning. You’ll find this India peach black tea to be blended with ginger and dotted with peach pieces. Ginger tea is also excellent when you wake up with a stomach ache.



Earl Grey Lavender would be another great morning tea option. This tea is strong and flavorful but is also very relaxing. Our Earl  is what many of our customers drink before their yoga classes in the mornings.



Our Creamy Vanilla Black Tea was one of the first teas we started with and quickly became a customer favorite. Delicious and smooth, this rich black tea blend from India is infused with natural vanilla flavor. We've been known to turn coffee lovers into tea lovers with this creamy dark infusion and of course, don't forget a yummy pastry to enjoy along side this cup!



Green Tea was always said to have less caffeine than Pu'er and black teas, but that is not always the case, especially when comparing these highly caffeinated tea options to Matcha. Consuming a cup of Matcha in the morning not only boosts your energy and focus levels with roughly 70mg of caffeine in an 8oz cup, but it also helps to burn fat, improve your metabolism and lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels.



Oolong teas have between 50-75mg of caffeine per 8oz cup along with health benefits like, boosting the metabolism and aiding in weight-loss. Oolong tea helps burn 100 calories an hour after your cup, making this tea newly popular in the health and fitness world. Peppermint Candy Oolong will leave you feeling soothed, refreshed and relaxed before the cup is even finished! This tea is blended with green oolong, hibiscus, spearmint and peppermint candies.

Barri Cote

Content Creator

Tea became part of my life at a young age. When I couldn't sleep and needed to talk, my mom made us a cup of tea and we would stay up talking and eating pancakes. As I got older, my dad and I would meet at cafe's for tea, but we quickly realized we wanted SUPERIOR quality, with better flavor and couldn't be found in a teabag. After much research, Grey & Bash Teas was founded and named after my sons, Greyson and Sebastian. Grey & Bash now includes, my husband, sister, father and a bonus sister. We are a family owned and family run business, which means we treat YOU like family!