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7 Highly Caffeinated Teas

girl drinking tea exhausted
a girl tired drinking tea

"I Don't Have a caffeine problem, I have a problem without caffeine"

Which Tea is Most Caffeinated

What is your most caffeinated tea that you carry? A question we've heard countless times since we first began attending Farmers Markets and events, so we thought, why not write a short blog post with 7 teas that have a high caffeine content? While we have many teas that qualify and could be excellent choices, these 7 are fan favorites from not only us, but our current customers!

Girl drinking tea and sleepy
black tea breakfast blend and girl working

Top 7 Highly Caffeinated Teas

1. Black Walnut Pu'er Tea


Our Black Walnut Pu'er sits at the top of our list as one of our favorite “wake-me-up” tea options within the pu'er tea category, especially among our coffee lovers. This tea contains pink peppercorn pu'er tea with cacao, pistachio, pecan and walnuts. Not only does this tea have a nice kick to it, it also has many health benefits, some of which include, improved focus, improved alertness, Increased energy, promotes a healthy heart, aids in weight-loss, reduces stress and even helps to prevent illness!

tea with walnuts

2. Berry Truffle Pu'er Tea

Our Berry Truffle pu'er has been a close second in our pu'er tea category for great options in the morning. This organic pu'er tea is loaded with cranberries, elderberries, and cacao. Try it with a dash of milk and you'll thank me later. While this tea also helps with many  benefits like increased focus, increased alertness and increased energy, it is also a delicious way to lower cholesterol and help with improved digestive health

Ginger Peach Iced Tea

3. Ginger Peach Black Tea

Our morning pick in the Black Tea Category is our Ginger Peach Black Tea. Not only will this tea wake you up from the caffeine content, but a hot cuppa ginger tea in the morning will warm you right up on your way into the office, OR cool you down after a summer morning. You’ll find this India peach black tea to be blended with ginger and dotted with peach pieces. Ginger tea is also excellent when you wake up with a stomach ache.

4. Earl Grey Lavender

Earl Grey Lavender would be another great morning tea option. This tea is strong and flavorful but is also very relaxing. Our Earl  is what many of our customers drink before their yoga classes in the mornings.


5. Almond Biscotti Black Tea

Almond biscotti is like dessert in a cup! This infusion is filled with almond pieces and safflowers with plenty of caffeine to boost. 

6. Mango MajesTEA

A Match Made in Paradise! Green Tea meets Juicy mango and fresh guava for this tropical indulgence.


Ingredients: Green tea, mango pieces, apple, artificial flavoring, freeze-dried guava (guava puree, concentrated apple puree, concentrated apple juice), beetroot, pink cornflower.

7. Blueberry Buckle

Warm and inviting, this black and green tea blend with blueberries and cinnamon takes you right back to Grandmas kitchen!

Ingredients: Green tea, black tea, blueberries, white sugar, cinnamon, red cornflowers, and natural flavor. 


tea leaves
black tea leaves drying


Emperor's Pu'er

The name of this tea is very fitting as it is a regal blend of loose-leaf organic Pu'er, organic ginger root and citrus. This stately tea is fit for an emperor. Our Emperor’s Pu'er brews strong and bold and it can be brewed multiple times.

USDA certified

Danish Butter Cookie

Talk about delicious! Flavored black tea with almonds and orange. You’ll imagine you’re indulging in a delicate Danish Butter Cookie. This tea stands up to milk beautifully. If caffeine is what you're looking for, look no further, this highly caffeinated tea is one of our customers favorites!

Caribbean Cruise

A Caribbean vacation wherever you are.  The delightfully bright fruity flavors of this black tea will transport you to your favorite port of call!


Ingredients: Black tea, hibiscus, orange peel, blackberry leaves, raspberry leaves, cornflowers, marigold, safflowers, natural and artificial passion fruit flavor, natural and artificial vanilla flavor, natural and artificial strawberry flavor, natural and artificial raspberry flavor.