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Grey & Bash Teas is a family owned tea company where you’ll find some of the world’s finest loose leaf tea’s. Since we understand that the origin of tea defines a key part of the drinking experience, our premium ingredients have been carefully hand-selected from countries all over the world.

Our industry experts have established and maintained strong partnerships with our growers across the globe, which has allowed us to have a continuous flow of newly crafted tea options for our customers to enjoy.

We love tea. Like, a lot.


High Quality

Quality is of the utmost importance to us. Here at Grey & Bash Teas, you can expect to find some of the most beautiful and delicious hand-crafted loose leaf teas. 


Always Fresh

Since Grey & Bash Teas understands that the origin of tea defines a key part of the drinking experience, we make sure that each and every ingredient is fresh.

Only The Best Quality Tea

Our goal is to make available some of the highest quality teas on the market. With that in mind, our industry experts have spent years studying the best approaches to blending beautifully crafted Artisan loose leaf teas.

At Grey & Bash Teas, we passionately strive to execute continuous growth and improvements within the tea community in order to fulfill our greatest potential.  


Grey & Bash Teas Industry Experts

Our Industry experts are here to craft a beautiful sipping experience for each of our customers




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